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Otter Pro Universal LED Light Kit

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Pro Universal LED Light Kit Details

The Otter Pro Universal LED Light Kit is designed to enhance the lighting in various outdoor settings, particularly for shelters. This kit features two 600 lumen Xtreme Duty rubber encased LED light strips, providing a total of 1200 lumens at maximum brightness. It comes with Otter’s Hub & Flip Style Shelter Attachment Kits, making it adaptable for different shelter types.

The kit includes an inline on/off dimmer dial, allowing for adjustment of brightness levels to suit various conditions and preferences. For versatile mounting options, it features Otter hook and loop cam buckle attachments, which enable unlimited light angles and placement.

The power supply is ensured by an 18 ft., 12-volt power cord, which includes 7 ft. from the alligator clips to the dimmer switch and 11 ft. from the dimmer switch to the first LED light. Additionally, the kit comes with a 54-inch additional connecting wire for increased versatility and optimal light placement, and a 16-inch center connecting wire. The kit supports a maximum chain of 6 lights, allowing for extensive lighting setups.


  • Two 600 Lumen Xtreme Duty Rubber Encased LED Light Strips (Total of 1200 Lumens at Maximum Brightness
  • Otter’s Hub & Flip Style Shelter Attachment Kits
  • Inline On/Off Dimmer Dial (For Multiple Brightness Settings)
  • Otter Hook and Loop Cam Buckle Attachments (For Universal Applications; Allows for Unlimited Light Angles and Placement)
  • 18 Ft., 12 Volt Power Cord (7 Ft. From the Alligator Clips to the Dimmer Switch; 11 Ft. From the Dimmer Switch to the First LED Light)
  • 54″ Additional Connecting Wire (For Increased Versatility and Optimum Light Placement)
  • 16″ Center Connecting Wire
  • Maximum 6 Light Chain
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