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Otter 6 Gallon Bucket

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The Otter 6 Gallon Bucket, emblazoned with the distinctive Otter logo, is an essential tool for ice fishing enthusiasts. This bucket boasts a 6-gallon capacity, providing a larger and taller option than the standard 5-gallon buckets commonly used in ice fishing. Its design makes it the ideal bucket for handling the demands of ice fishing, offering more space for storage and transport of fishing equipment and catch.

One of the standout features of this bucket is its compatibility as a base unit for the Otter Sidekick Ice Fishing Console (sold separately), enhancing its utility on the ice. Crafted from rugged high-density 90mm plastic, the Otter 6 Gallon Bucket is built to withstand the harsh conditions and challenges of ice fishing environments. Its durability and practical design make it a reliable choice for anglers looking for a robust and spacious bucket solution.

Proudly made in the USA, the Otter 6 Gallon Bucket combines functionality, durability, and ample capacity, making it a top pick for ice fishing and other outdoor activities that require a sturdy and spacious bucket.

  • 6-gallon capacity.
  • The perfect bucket for ice fishing.
  • Larger capacity and taller height than standard 5-gallon buckets.
  • Excellent base unit for the Otter Sidekick Ice Fishing Console. *(sold separately)
  • Made of rugged high-density 90mm plastic.
  • Made in USA


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