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Lowrance S3100 Sonar Module

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Lowrance S3100 Sonar Module Overview

The Lowrance® S3100 sonar module represents a significant advancement in sonar technology, integrating seamlessly with Elite FS, HDS Carbon, and HDS LIVE displays. This module is engineered to deliver unparalleled clarity and precision in underwater imaging, making it an essential tool for serious anglers.

Key Features

High-Definition Active Imaging™ HD

The S3100 sonar module introduces high-definition Active Imaging™ HD sonar, which supports up to 1 Megahertz of high-frequency SideScan/DownScan Imaging. This technology provides crystal-clear images of fish and underwater structures, ensuring that anglers can see details with unprecedented clarity.

FishReveal™ SideScan

A standout feature of the S3100 is the new FishReveal™ SideScan image capability. This innovation makes fish easier to identify on both sides of the boat by combining the detailed resolution of SideScan with the proven clarity of Lowrance CHIRP sonar into a single, easy-to-interpret view.

Dual Channel Support

The module offers dual 1kW sonar channels, allowing anglers to track multiple depth ranges simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for targeting specific fish species that inhabit different water layers, enhancing the angler's ability to locate and target potential catches.

Compatibility and Integration

Designed to enhance the functionality of Lowrance's leading fish finder displays—HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, and Elite FS—the S3100 is also compatible with wide-angle transducers. This compatibility increases the coverage area, providing a broader view of the water beneath and around the boat.

Enhanced Sonar Imaging

With the ability to combine any two CHIRP frequency ranges, the S3100 offers outstanding fish-finding and bottom-tracking capabilities. This flexibility ensures optimal performance in both shallow and deep water, making it versatile for various fishing environments.

What's in the Box?

  • S3100 Sonar Module
  • Installation accessories
  • User manual


The Lowrance S3100 sonar module is a powerful addition to any angler's toolkit, providing advanced sonar capabilities and exceptional clarity in underwater imaging. Whether for professional use or recreational fishing, the S3100 enhances the fishing experience by offering detailed insights into the underwater world.

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