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HAWG USB Powered Single Folding Cluster Light Kit with Dimmer

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This is our USB powered Folding LED Cluster Light Kit that provides enough light for even large shanties.  This kit includes one 3 panel folding cluster light, 3 hanger hooks, five mounting straps, and our standard heavy duty 10 foot USB power cord with an integrated rotary dimmer. A padded storage case is provide which has enough room to store the light as well as all of the cords in one convinient place.


The USB power source that you need to power this kit must have a minimum of 2.1 Amp output.  Most newer power banks with a quick charge chip will work, as well as most power tool batteries with USB ports.  This Cluster Light draws around 1.5A so a 20,000 mAh power bank will give you about 10 hours worth of use.



• 3 independantly folding light panels with 45 warm white LEDs per panel for a total of about 1000 lumens

• Ability to aim each panel in different directions for your specific lighting needs 

• Rotary dimmer switch with OFF position allows you to get the perfect light ouput.
• 10 foot long power cord using 24 AWG wires and an extra outer jacket for protection against tough use and wear. 

• Constructed with tough glass filled polymers, and stainless steel hardware.

• Installs in seconds to your support bars.  Take down is equally as fast.

• 3 hanger hooks to hang the light, and five 8-inch long hook and loop straps for strapping the power cord to your ice shanty's support bars to keep it out of the way.


This Cluster Light has a current draw of around 1.5A when powered by a 5V USB socket which means that YOUR POWER BANK MUST HAVE A USB TYPE-A SOCKET WITH AN OUTPUT RATING OF EITHER 2.1A OR 3A OUTPUT TO POWER THIS KIT.   We have found that only power banks equipped with a smart charging controller chip typically found in higher-end power banks work. Newer power tool batteries that have USB ports will usually also work. Older power banks without the smart charging controller chip will not work and will cause flickering, or will turn off and not work due to their internal fuse


Due to current limitations of our power cord, you are only able to power ONE Cluster Light with this USB power cord.  It is normal for the USB connector (and sometimes your power bank) to become slightly warm during operation.   It is also normal for the USB power plug to have a slight buzz to it depending on the battery USB's output circuit design.  Some power banks are absolutely quiet while others are not.


WARNING:  DO NOT POWER MORE THAN ONE CLUSTER LIGHT WITH OUR USB POWER CORD.  Exceeding 1 Cluster Light will overload the current carrying capacity of the USB power converter circuit and may result in injury to you or damage to your equipment.  It is normal for the USB connector (and sometimes your power bank) to become slightly warm during operation, and for some slight buzzing at the USB power plug which is caused by your power bank's internal circuit design.  

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