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HAWG Outdoors 12V Power Cord Adapter

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Want to power a HAWG Outdoor 12V light bar kit with the 12V automotive style power socket on your power box?  Connect this 12V Power Cord Adapter to the end of any of our 12V power cords and that's all you need to do to power any of our past or present 12V light bar kits with your power box.  


•  This Power Cord Adapter has the correct male terminals to connect securely and safely to any of our 12V power cords that come with our light bar kits, past and present.  The other end of this cord has the power plug to connect to your 12V automotive style power socket (aka cigarette lighter power socket).

• Plug and play design - Simply connect this cord to the end of any HAWG Outdoor 12V power cord and that's it.  Now you can power any of our 12V light bar kits with the 12V power socket on your power box, power station, car, or boat. 

• Cord is 9-1/2 inches long and is constructed with heavy-duty 16 AWG stranded copper wiring.  

• The 12V plug has 15A glass fuse which is more than enough for up to 5 light bars 


WARNING:  Do not exceed 5 light bars with this power cord adapter. Failure to follow this warning may result in fire and damage to your equipment or cause personal injury.



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