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HALO Elite4B Outdoor Griddle

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Original price $1,599.99
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Elevate Your Griddle Skills to the Next Level

Elevate your culinary adventures with the remarkable Elite4B Griddle. This 4-burner gas griddle, boasting an expansive 720 square inches of cooking space, stands as the ideal solution for catering to large family feasts, orchestrating vibrant tailgate soirees, or delighting guests at outdoor festivities in Canada.

Featuring an impressive lineup of 4 burners, each accompanied by 8 distinct temperature zones, the Elite4B Griddle empowers you with unparalleled precision in managing the heat spread across its vast cooking area. Opt to activate only the front sections for concentrated warmth, or engage all zones to ensure a uniform heat blanket across the board.

Designed with an innovative inset griddle plate, this feature guarantees that your flames remain undisturbed even amidst gusty winds, ensuring consistent cooking conditions. Moreover, the inclusion of a built-in bubble level alongside adjustable 360° wheeling casters simplifies the task of relocating your griddle while maintaining its stability on any terrain.

The cutting-edge burner site glasses integrated into the HALO 4-burner griddle present a convenient way to keep an eye on your flames from the griddle's forefront, facilitating effortless and rapid checks for ignition. Achieve your desired temperature range, spanning from 300°F to a sizzling 750°F, in a mere 10 minutes, unlocking a world of culinary possibilities, from morning delights to evening specialties like stir-fries, burgers, succulent steaks, and tantalizing skewers.

Enhance your cooking flexibility with the swing-away warming rack, ingeniously designed to offer additional space when required and to seamlessly retract out of sight when its services are not needed, thereby optimizing your cooking expanse.

Post-cooking cleanup is rendered virtually effortless with the Elite4B's oversized rear grease management system, complemented by a handy built-in utensil clean-off squeegee.

The moment has arrived to elevate your griddle prowess! Discover the myriad features of the Elite4B and embark on a journey to culinary excellence!

Crafted with a keen eye for detail, the Elite4B Griddle addresses the previously unexplored potential within the 4-burner griddle domain. Featuring Innovations Awaiting Patent Approval!

  • Dual-Zone Burner System – 4 burners, 8 zones
  • Inset 720 sq in griddle plate for wind-proof wall-to-wall heat
  • 10 Minute Warm Up Time
  • 300°F to 750°F temperature range
  • 205.5 sq in swing-away warming rack included
  • Burner site glasses for quick burner ignition check
  • Adjustable regulator of either 9.5″ or 11″ WC for more temperature control
  • XL Rear Grease Management with built-in utensil clean off squeegee
  • Built-in griddle plate removal tool doubles as hooks for hanging utensils
  • Included bubble level and adjustable casters to ensure your cook surface is level
  • Natural Gas Compatible Shop NG Kit
  • Durable Lid that can be closed while cooking


  • Product weight: 169.75
  • Product Dimensions: 72.05″ W x 31.50″ D x 43.11″ H
  • Cooking Height: 35.50″
    720in2 griddle plate (36″ W x 20″ D)
  • 205.5in2 swing-away warming rack (34.25″ W x 6.0″ D)
  • Shipping weight: 201.83lbs.
  • Outer Box Dimensions: 42.51″ W x 29.37″ D x 22.91″ H
  • Materials: Cold Rolled Steel with powder-coat paint finish, 430 Stainless Steel, and Hot Rolled Steel griddle plate
  • Fuel Source: Propane
    BTUs: 48,000 (12,000 per burner)
  • UPC // SKU: 810084240236 // HZ-1001-XNA

Step up your Canadian outdoor culinary game to unparalleled levels with the Elite4B Griddle, your ultimate ally in creating memorable outdoor dining experiences. With a sprawling 720 square inches of cooking surface, this 4-burner gas griddle is ingeniously designed to cater to large families, become the highlight of tailgate parties, and elevate backyard gatherings with gourmet flair.

The Elite4B Griddle is a marvel of precision and versatility, featuring four dynamic burners that are segmented into eight distinct temperature zones. This innovative setup grants you the power to meticulously manage the heat distribution across the entire cooking surface, allowing for simultaneous preparation of a diverse array of dishes. Opt to activate just the front zones for focused cooking tasks, or engage all zones to achieve an expansive, uniform heat distribution that ensures every inch of the griddle is utilized to its full potential.

Engineered with the challenges of outdoor cooking in mind, the Elite4B boasts an inset griddle plate design that guarantees consistent flame performance even in breezy conditions, ensuring your culinary creations are cooked under steady temperatures. The convenience of mobility is seamlessly integrated into the griddle's design, with a built-in bubble level and adjustable 360° wheeling casters that empower you to effortlessly relocate the griddle to your preferred spot, all the while maintaining a perfectly level cooking surface.

The Elite4B Griddle introduces cutting-edge features such as the burner site glasses, a novel addition that allows you to visually monitor the flame from the front of the griddle for swift and straightforward ignition checks. Coupled with a rapid warm-up time of merely 10 minutes, the griddle swiftly reaches a temperature spectrum of 300°F to 750°F, enabling you to dive into an extensive variety of culinary endeavors, from morning breakfast classics to evening gourmet specialties.

Enhancing the griddle's versatility is the 205.5 square inches swing-away warming rack, ingeniously designed to provide additional space when required and neatly tuck away when not in use. This feature augments the griddle's efficiency, allowing for a more dynamic and adaptable cooking environment.

Post-cooking cleanup is transformed into a hassle-free task with the Elite4B, courtesy of its XL rear grease management system and the innovative built-in utensil clean-off squeegee, underscoring the griddle's commitment to convenience and ease of use.

Embark on a journey to elevate your griddle game with the Elite4B, a masterpiece crafted to address the unmet needs in the 4-burner griddle arena. Its thoughtful design, patent-pending features, and robust construction promise to enhance your outdoor cooking experience, making every meal an occasion to celebrate.

In terms of specifications, the Elite4B Griddle is a testament to durability and performance, weighing in at 169.75 lbs with dimensions that command presence and efficiency: 72.05″ W x 31.50″ D x 43.11″ H. The griddle's substantial cooking height of 35.50″ is complemented by high-quality materials such as Cold Rolled Steel with a powder-coat paint finish, 430 Stainless Steel, and Hot Rolled Steel for the griddle plate, ensuring longevity and resilience. Powered by propane and boasting a total BTU output of 48,000 across its burners, the Elite4B stands ready to tackle any culinary challenge, making it the quintessential tool for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who demand the best.

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