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Garmin LiveScope™ Plus System With GLS 10™ and LVS34 Transducer

by Garmin
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The Best of the Best Just Got Better

Unparalleled Clarity and Precision

Introducing the latest in LiveScope technology, the Garmin LiveScope™ Plus System with GLS 10™ and LVS34 Transducer. This system takes your fishing experience to new heights with improved resolution, reduced noise, clearer images, and superior target separation.

Key Features:

  • Improved Screen Clarity: Experience crystal-clear images with enhanced screen clarity, transducer sensitivity, and target separation, ensuring you see everything beneath the water with unprecedented detail.
  • Sharper Images: Scan your surroundings with sharper images, reduced noise, and fewer sonar artifacts. This advanced technology provides a more accurate and detailed view of underwater structures and fish.
  • Easy Upgrade: If you already have the LiveScope System black box (GLS™ 10 sonar module), upgrading to the LiveScope Plus System is simple. Just replace your current transducer with the new LVS34 Transducer to enjoy the latest advancements in sonar technology.
  • Vivid Color Palettes: Get maximum contrast and clarity in your images with vivid color palettes, making it easier to distinguish between different underwater elements.
  • Versatile Sonar Modes: The LiveScope Plus System supports Forward, Down, and Perspective modes, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to various fishing conditions. The necessary mount is included, ensuring seamless mode transitions.

Enhanced Fishing Experience

The LiveScope Plus System delivers superior performance with improved resolution and reduced noise, making it easier to locate and identify fish. The enhanced transducer sensitivity ensures better target separation, allowing you to see fish and underwater structures with greater clarity.

Comprehensive Sonar Coverage

With support for Forward, Down, and Perspective modes, the LiveScope Plus System offers comprehensive sonar coverage. Forward mode gives you a wide view of the area ahead, Down mode provides a detailed look at what’s directly below, and Perspective mode offers a unique angle for scanning large areas. This versatility ensures you have the best view for any fishing scenario.

Effortless Upgrade

Upgrading your current LiveScope System to the Plus System is straightforward. Simply replace your existing transducer with the new LVS34 Transducer to benefit from the latest advancements in sonar technology without needing to replace the entire system.

Maximum Contrast and Clarity

The vivid color palettes available with the LiveScope Plus System enhance image contrast and clarity. This feature makes it easier to distinguish between different types of underwater structures and fish, providing you with a clear and detailed view of your fishing environment.


The Garmin LiveScope™ Plus System with GLS 10™ and LVS34 Transducer represents the pinnacle of sonar technology. With its improved resolution, reduced noise, and superior target separation, this system provides unmatched clarity and precision. Whether you’re upgrading your current LiveScope System or investing in new technology, the LiveScope Plus System ensures you have the best tools for successful fishing.

Order your Garmin LiveScope™ Plus System today and experience the difference in underwater clarity and precision!

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