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CLAM Extreme Ice Anchor Installation Tool

SKU 110820
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Original price $29.99
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The CLAM Extreme Ice Anchor Installation Tool revolutionizes the way you secure your ice shelter. Designed for efficiency and ease, this robust tool seamlessly works with your cordless drill, allowing for rapid and reliable drilling of Extreme Ice Anchors into the ice. Its primary advantage lies in its time-saving capability, reducing the time you spend setting up your shelter by half. With this tool, anchoring becomes a swift and effortless task, ensuring your shelter remains firmly in place even in the toughest ice conditions. The tool's compatibility with most standard cordless drills makes it a versatile accessory for any ice fishing enthusiast. Whether you're battling harsh winds or simply setting up your spot on the ice, the CLAM Extreme Ice Anchor Installation Tool is your go-to for a secure and stable shelter setup.

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