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Northland Pitchin' Puppet

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Original price $12.99
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Color: Silver Racecar

For years anglers have been using vertical jigging lures like the Northland Puppet Minnow® as casting lures with great success. Finally, they have a tool designed just for the job. The Pitchin’ Puppet features a lead frame with an over-molded resin exterior & fin giving this lure the lifelike look of a translucent baitfish in addition to extreme durability. When jigged, snapped, and ripped this lure darts and rolls triggering strikes. A wide gap rear hook and the absence of a front hook make this lure perfect for darting across the bottom, and the split ring connected treble hook will keep fish pinned all the way back to the boat!

• Over-molded Resin body & tail that’s extremely durable looks like a live minnow
• Wide gap rear hook for better hooking percentages
• Cast and retrieve or vertically jig to create a darting action like a dying minnow

The New Pitchin’ Puppet from Northland® Fishing Tackle is the real deal for snap-jigging 

Walleyes. Designed to be cast and retrieved the Pitchin’ Puppet features no front hook, a wide
gap rear hook, and a treble that sits on a split ring to keep it away from the body to prevent tangling.
Constructed using a hybrid lead resin body this lure has translucent finishes that look like a

real baitfish all while being super durable compared to its historic counterparts

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